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Death Valley
Backcountry Tours

Our owner and principal guide is Paul Fretheim, creator and publisher of the comprehensive "Take Home Death Valley in Virtual Reality!" DVD that has been sold for many years in visitors centers and gift shops throughout the Death Valley area. He is an experienced teacher and has encyclopedic knowledge of the Death Valley area and loves to share that information with our guests.

All our back road ready 4WD vehicles carry TWO full-sized, all terrain spare tires and an air compressor!

The sharp rocks of the Death Valley National Park backcountry roads are extremely hard on tires. No one should try to travel the remote roads of Death Valley National Park in a vehicle equipped with only a compact spare. Even those with a full-sized spare are taking a big chance if you don't carry a second spare tire. Getting two flats is far from unheard of and is a big problem if you are 25 miles off the pavement and have already used your only spare tire.

We can safely take you anywhere in the Death Valley country!

Let us take the risks!

To paved trailheads we can transport up to six passengers and your gear. On jeep trails we can transport four passengers and your gear.

"If a Toyota 4Runner can get there, we can take you there."

Short Wheelbase 4WD Toyota 4Runner

Click here for map of Death Valley Backcountry Roads.

Sample rates
To the Racetrack and back via Ubehebe Crater and Teakettle Junction (7 hrs.) - $500.
The Racetrack, Lippencott Mine Road to Saline Valley, South Pass loop (10+ hrs.)- $600
Saline Valley from 190, Saline Valley Hot Springs, Steel Pass to Eureka Valley,
Scotty's Castle road loop - 1 day, $600, 2 day, $750
The above trips are full service, all day guided adventures. The rates for trailhead shuttles are lower. Please contact us to discuss trailhead shuttles and get a quote.

Please call 760-878-8047
or click here to email
for reservations, rates and further information.

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Photo Workshops Available

Schedule a photo workshop with Paul Fretheim,
renowned panoramic photographer.

Backcountry or day hike workshops available. Learn how to shoot 360 degree panoramic images from an experienced professional!

Visit the Inyo Pro panoramic photography web site by clicking here!

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